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History of Chantilly
Promoted "City of Art and History" in 2007, the city of Chantilly has this to his cultural and artistic past and the beauty of its surroundings. The Ministry of Culture of the local authorities has already discerned him this label have different goods (construction, history, environment, industry, technology, gastronomy, etc.), but caring to enrich and make it even more alive these assets. With 6 other cities Picardy Soisson (1988), Laon (1991), Amiens (1992), Noyon (1998), Saint-Quentin (2006) and Beauvais (2011), Chantilly joins the network of 145 towns and regions of art and history of France.
A guided tour offered by the Heritage Service will reveal different aspects of Chantilly that will give you a new view of the city. Famous throughout the world by its castle, stables, shopping his forest and cream, there are still a lot of facets that are exploited: a rich heritage to be seen along the various streets, canals and the shore the edges of the racetrack.
Many questions arise that we do not know the answers. When started horse racing in Chantilly? All channels dug in the seventeenth century were used for what? The name "Chantilly" was taken from what story? Or what year was built the first house in Chantilly?
With guides lecturer hired by the city and will convey you through the town, Chantilly "City of Art and History" then offers a guided tour providing the answers to these questions and to share the history, heritage of the city and you will reveal the variety and beauty of the structures and cantiliennes narrative and transformation of this city emerged of a castle and the will of Princes ...
These guides, approved speaks Ministry of Culture will relate to you the history of Chantilly invigorating and emotionally by taking anecdotes, historical facts and developing because of particular architecture, all this in order to help you understand the city structure and footprints of its past.
The city of Chantilly attaches great importance to the cultural development of the next generation but mostly they are aware of their heritage. As we hear repeatedly, youth, with their creative nature and their curiosity is the builder of the future. The city then encourages young people to visit and through a visual arts workshop, they can unleash their imagination by making fun painting heritage. Family, discover "Tell me Chantilly", a game in which a speaker booklet will guide you to go around the town where you could find solutions to riddles of the booklet.

School activities
In view of the study of the history of arts in schools program, from early until late class year of high school, Chantilly "City of Art and History" provides educational activities helping children and young people to better understand and distinguish between the past and the heritage of the city. During all periods of the year, the head of heritage remains available to teachers and professors for their help in developing specific activities or programs to sensitize students to the heritage and the architecture of the city.
Through its various historical resources, and the variety of its structural heritage, natural, economic (industrial and technical) and its various gourmet dishes, whipped the city offers a wide range of artistic activities and themes: architecture and urban planning, history and society, landscape and garden art, arts and techniques, etc.

Transfer to Chantilly Parisians airports
In less than 40 minutes, it is possible to join Charles de Gaulle airport is 27 km. The Beauvais airport is 55 km where the route takes in 42 minutes and finally Orly airport is the farthest since it would require 58 minutes to complete the 63 km between the two locations.