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Overview of the city of Provins
Formerly called "Little Venice" because of the vastness of its hydraulic network, Provins evolved since the eleventh century on a small hill covered with rock. Since then, she has taken care to rehabilitate and optimize the many treasures marking the XII and XIII centuries. To date, Provins receives over 600 000 visitors year.

Its geographic location helped a lot in its development Provins, all traders from the East, Africa and Byzantium Provins must cross in order to reach their destination and this from the year 1000. It has 9 main roads and 11 converging paths. The outstanding fairs of Provins, organized in Champagne are important and meaningful events and it's mostly wholesale occupies an important place. The Counts living in Provins encourage traders to participate in these fairs and offer them a security of the person but also their goods. This glory ended in the fourteenth century, but the Champagne fairs participated in the financial and cultural success of Provins. Troyes, Lagny and Bar-sur-Aube having also benefited.

Internationally renowned jewels
In 2001, Provins is within the rank of the Unesco World Heritage. This is because the city today is the same as the city of the thirteenth century, nothing has changed, small winding streets have retained their original name: Street Friperie Street Fair-to -Chevaux, alley to Hays indicating the various activities that it did. Provins has over 58 historic monuments namely the original vaulted cellars built between the eleventh to the fifteenth century. There are also in Provins, a strong wall dating from the Middle Ages which has not suffered any damage and no work has been done on it apart from the fortification works. According to UNESCO, economic and cultural important operations in Europe started in Provins and she is the only witness.

The House of Provins
Passing through the old Jewish quarter, near the Place du Châtel include the Romanesque house, built dating from the twelfth century, one of the oldest of Provins. Its facade that enters the ranks of Historic Monuments is made of several stone beds shaped into small regular unit. The House of Provins is near the paling of the Counts of Champagne.

Old School St. Lucence girls under the direction of religious Célestines, this house became secular, has seen various educational sources: daycare and elementary school. It remained unoccupied when came the period of the development with the construction of a new school in the upper town.

In 1961, with the support of the State, local authorities and the Safeguard of French Art, the Historical Society and the Borough of Archaeology Provins acquires the repairs and refurbishes . Due to the historical society holds many collections, the Municipal Museum of Provins, created in 1967, exposing all these collections in memory of the local history of Provins and some artists.

Under the wing of the museums of France, Provins museum is now labeled "Museum of France".
The museum has four floors above exposes the history of Provins and its region via the received objects from different donors, or from former archaeologists discoveries; other items were purchased. There are also belonging to the State or to historical monuments.
To see the lapidary archaeological collections, go down to the basement. It contains Merovingian sarcophagi, statues, columns, capitals ...
Former provinois exploited much clay in the provinois basin, on the ground floor we find various collections of pavement tiles witnesses archaeological research of the Holy Ayoul church.
Louise-Elisabeth Munaut an artist Provins, offered his works to the museum, these compounds many statues found in still another room on the ground floor.
A jewel of the Hotel Dieu of Provins, a water hydrants trio bronze once placed on an old fountain since disappeared, is exposed to the first floor. Various key collections dating from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century.
The second floor houses arts such as religious polychrome statues, relics, stained glass, an extraordinary icon of the fifteenth century. Historic monument, the chasuble of Saint Edme is also exposed, made with silk in the thirteenth century.

Transfers between the city of Provins and Paris airports
A 94 km of Provins is Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is reachable in 1 hour 21 minutes. For the same travel time, you can get to Orly airport which is 97 km. The Beauvais Airport is farthest from Provins because it would allow 2 hours 5 minutes to cover the 168 km separating the two places.