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Orly Airport - Verdun Memorial


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History of Verdun Memorial
The Verdun Memorial is in the middle of the Verdun battlefield. He was one of the most important European museums of the Great War.

From 1914 to 1918, this building with history and memory approve the warriors had enormous responsibilities and suffered much harm in this core sector of the Western Front.

You can see several objects of the military, important information and thematic videos that justify the truth of the Battle of Verdun.

The history of World War proves to be abbreviated and symbolized by Verdun. The soldiers of the two opposing camps faced several difficulties at that time. That is why this city, desired by German forces, was appointed as malicious theater.

At the beginning of your visit, no hesitation to go directly to the Verdun memorial on the battlefield of the war 14-18. In both categories, the museum will show you a new kind of battlefield, presentations by subject and teaching, movies, and images obtained a set of confidential objects and pieces of craftsmanship.

Below the Verdun memory of exhibition space are located different objects denoting topics such as logistics, war materials and sanitary aid. So during your visit you will reveal the slight German howitzer, a beautiful German truck Berliet and several images of women designing weapons and useful items gun loading and serving soldiers heal wounds.

It was specially made the last installment of this lower level war victims. Several photographs of wounded soldiers are also presented in the museum. These images specifically targeting people likely consequences of confrontation help better understand the pain of those warriors of Great War.

The place of higher exhibition showcases many of which are found in pre-war clothing and weapons that are served by the two opposing camps. Also, one can see images and objects to citizens and warriors. This category of the floor below gives importance to the battlefield again formed of the first tranche of the museum. Raising his head, there are two planes fixed above, we want to be inside.

During the visit, the Verdun memorial will help you better understand the newspaper men and suffering. This confrontation left 300 dead and 0000 injured 400,000 in less than a year

Verdun and World War I
In 1916, to have a good peace and a better intellectual enrichment, Germany wanted a memorable victory.

From 21 February to 19 December 1916, a "disaster", one can say saw the consequences of this battle which 300,000 were men (163 000 French soldiers and 143 000 German) and 400,000 were injured (at least 216 French and 187 000 000 German). The two adversaries experience no military outcome and Verdun is the sign of the strength of the army in France.

The Verdun Memorial is at the center of the hills again destroyed by millions of hollow projectiles and that is the old station of the destroyed city of Fleury-devant-Douaumont collect unforgettable marks of the most famous battle of the First World War .

Distance between Paris airports and the Verdun Memorial
If you land in one of the Paris airports, always allow at least 3 hours of travel to get to the Verdun Memorial. Indeed, it is 274 km from Orly airport, 263 km from Roissy Airport and 283 km of Beauvais.