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History of the Loire castles
The Loire Valley, cradle of the art of living 'French'
The Loire Valley is generally known for its thick own masterpieces in architecture. It is located in the middle of the A10 to the A85 North and the South. One of the most beautiful rivers of France passes through this valley.
Preferably, in order to seek a fixed part and guide the castles of the Loire, we chose an area of ​​Amboise from Chambord to restrict us, almost no more than fifty kilometers long. Different and observable for their peculiarity, their architecture and their past six extraordinary symbolic works have been selected in this area between horse Touraine and Blésois even three.

But why is there so many castles in this region?
Browse the Loire castles means entering in the middle of the history of France. Thus, it is accompanied Joan of Arc in a meeting with Charles VII in Chinon; take his share in the company of Leonardo deployments of the court of François 1er in Chambord, bear witness of embarrassment directed by Catherine de Medici in Chenonceau.

The Loire castles examination is being careful observation eight centuries of organized way of art from the Medieval to Louis-Philippe by going by the architecture and the Renaissance period.

Climbing the dark hours of the Hundred Years War will help you better grasp the ideas of such fortune away from the capital.

King Charles VI, the Fool says, is unable to stop an argument between the Duke of Orleans, his brother, and the Duke of Burgundy, his uncle. Two parties appear to contest, the Armagnacs and the Burgundians who oppose and make the kingdom into civil war.

The English take advantage of this moment of confusion for a new opposition which already has lasted over 40 years and has oriented to their disadvantage under the force of the father of Charles VI, Charles V the Wise.

The defeat of the French at Agincourt, the alliance of the Burgundians with English and dementia of Charles VI lead to scandalous Treaty of Troyes which dismisses the Dauphin of France in favor of the son of King Henry V of England.

The failure of the French at Agincourt, the relationship with the Burgundians English and disorder of Charles VI head to the bad Troyes agreement that returns the Dauphin of France in favor of the son of King Henry V of England.

The future Charles VII denies the clauses of the agreement and proves to be the king of France without being justified Reims where he is to be crowned is in occupied territory.

Wanted by the Anglo-Burgundian that prove to be masters of Paris, he must leave his country to go to Bourges.

The Duke of Bedford, head of the English armies, dominates the city of Orléans and omen besieging Bourges, Charles VII also departs again to stay in the castle of Chinon, in Touraine, where the support of Armagnac can help .

In February 1429, a young girl from Lorraine, aged sixteen was found in this place. The latter claims to have heard a voice saying that we must ensure that Orleans from this disaster and help the king to Reims to be sacred. Joan of Arc, it is so named.

For your information here are 13 castles of the Loire Valley: Amboise Castle, Château d'Azay-le-Rideau, Chateau de Blois, Chambord Castle, Castle Châteaudun Château de Cheverny Château de Chaumont Château de Chenonceau, Chateau de Chinon, Chateau de Langeais, Loches Castle, Chateau de Saumur, Château de Valençay Château de Villandry

Distance between the castles of the Loire and Paris airports
Castles are spaced from each other and thus the transit time is highly variable. As a guide, the distances are between 140 km and 400 km and travel time can vary from 1 hour 30 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes.