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History and visit the Avenue de Clichy in Paris

The Avenue de Clichy is located in Paris in the 17th and 18th arrondissement. It is 1550 m long and 22.5 m wide. Belonging to the districts of Batignolles, spruce and Grandes carrieres , it starts at 11 and 16 Place de Clichy and ends at 1 Boulevard Berthier and 125 Boulevard Bessières. Trade is important on this avenue especially dress mode.

In 1705, the Marquise de Vaubrun had planted trees on the avenue. In 1763, this route was drawn on the plan Deharme. Before keep its current name, Avenue originally bore the name of path and Grande rue de Clichy Batignolles. The Batignolles Group, famous as Impressionists, remained for years on the avenue. Louis Anquetintémoigna celebra his talent by painting the avenue in 1887.

The odd numbers are grouped Avenue in the 17th arrondissement. At 7 we can see the Cinema filmmakers. In 1793, Father Latheron restaurant settled on this place. Headquarters Moncey situation there in 1814. The Prussian general Luffling wanted to bomb the city, but the Emperor Alexander opposed. In the course of 1930 there was a movie in this location that the first named Eden and then changed to The Mirage. At No. 133 the casino once stood Charmettes. The Triumphal Cinema succeeded him in 1908 and replaced in 1910 by a conference room and popular theater.

As against even numbers are in the 18th arrondissement. The workshops Construction Corporation Batignolles stood up at No. 176 and No. 178. The company was built by Ernest Gouin ...

Transfer to the Avenue de Clichy in Paris
The Avenue de Clichy is located 27.3 kilometers from Orly Airport, 26.7 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 81.7 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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