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History  of town of Tours

Tours is a French town which lies in the center-west of France. It is situated in the Indre-et-Loire department. It was concluded after doing research that the name comes from the Celtic Tours communities called Turones who had occupied the place it past 2000 years ago. The town of Tours was heavily victim ransacking the two world wars.


Tourism    and activities in Tours

Tours, also known as "little Paris" is a common attracting a multitude of tourists thanks to its remarkable tourist sites and monuments. Visitors interested in history can have plenty of choices to explore all the historic sites of Tours for tours. The municipality covers many fascinating religious sites such as the Church of St. Gregory the Minimes. It is a building which was built in 1627. It is decorated with an interesting baroque decoration of the western facade and houses a cluster of wood structured in 1670.

Tours include various bridges works at different times, the bridges connecting the north and south Touraine trays as Napoleon bridge, Wilson Bridge, the gateway to Saint-Symphorien and many others. For your cultural activities, choose the museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Companionship and the Natural History Museum. Take advantage of the discovery of the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters Touraine which dates from 1761 years.

Other sites to visit are: Notre-Dame la Riche, St. Stephen's Church and the Church of St. Joan of Arc.

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Transfer from Tours to Paris airports

Tours is located 77 km southeast of Le Mans and 205 km from Paris. It is located 231 km from Orly airport, 263 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 331 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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