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The church of Saint-Eustache is one that celebrates the worship Roman Catholic parish church there. It is attached to the Archdiocese of Paris. The construction of this church were made between 1532 and 1633. The structure of the church is built in the Gothic style, while the details are done in a Renaissance style. This church is located in the neighborhood of the markets in the 1st arrondissement of the French capital. It is served by the metro station halls and RER Chatelet-Les Halles.

The church of Saint-Eustache is located on the site of a chapel dedicated to St. Agnes. The history of this church dates from the thirteenth century. A tomb bearing the same name as the church is still in its vicinity. The chapel was a bequest from Jean Alais bourgeois to King Philip Augustus. The chapel was established as a parish in 1223 and was baptized by Saint name it bears is in reference to a relic belonging to Saint-Eustache was moved to the church. The increase in population has led to various expansion works of the church. The new church was built in 1532. The laying of the foundation stone was made by Jean de la Barre August 19, 1532. The architecture of this church has a pleasant character with a combination of Roman and Greek columns with medieval lines. The construction of this church has experienced financial difficulties. The pastor of this church, René Benoist has made requests for assistance to finance the finishing of the church in 1578. Thus windows and pillars have been made. Despite the obstacles, the church has been consecrated by the Archbishop of Paris, Monseigneur de Gondi April 26, 1637. The facade of the western part of the church has been destabilized by the introduction of the chapels ordered by Colbert in 1665. Louis Le Vau and appointed to design a new project. The work of reconstruction did not start until 22 May 1754. The work was entrusted to the architect Jean Hardouin Mansart but also experiencing financial problems. Currently, you can still see the right tower is still fragmentary.

The church of Saint-Eustache has dimension 105 meters long, 43.5 meters wide and 33.46 meters high arch. It was considered as a royal church because of contiguity with the Louvre. Many famous people are buried there as Rameau, Scaramouche, François de Chevert Vaugelas, Montesquieu or Admiral Tourville. The funeral ceremonies of Mozart's mother, Fontana and Mirabeau are celebrated. Baptisms of Madame de Pompadour and Jean-François Regnard were celebrated in this church. This church has a large number of works that are presented. The third chapel gallery that surrounds the choir of the church is decorated by painting Tobias and the angel is the work of the Florentine Mannerist painter known as Tito. Saint Eustache is represented by Simon Vouet on a table. The Chapel of St. Vincent de Paul for a copy of Keith Haring triptych which is made of bronze and white gold. It also has a replica of the Disciples of Emmaus done by Rubens in 1611.

Transfer to Saint Eustache church in Paris
The church of Saint-Eustache is located at a distance of 18.6 km from Orly Airport, 30.3 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 86 km from Beauvais Airport.

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