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The Jacquemart-André Museum is located on Boulevard Haussmann in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It is located in the hotel Jacquemart-André. The museum is owned by the Institute of France and is listed as a historic monument since 1978. The management of the museum is provided by culturespaces company since 1996. It preserves and displays fine and decorative arts from donations Nélie Jacquemart.

The Jacquemart-André Museum was the residence of the high society. It is converted into a museum to preserve the original state of the building. The construction of the mansion was requested by the architect Edouard André Henri Parent in 1868. Construction took place between 1869 and 1875. The building was built with a theatrical design for receptions and receiving various holidays. Édouard André becomes the owner of the Gazette des Beaux Arts in 1872. He became head of the Central Union of Decorative Arts. He intended to establish a collection including sculptures, tapestries, paintings and art objects from the 18th century. With his wife Nélie Jacquemart André Island has established its collection related to the Renaissance and the 15th century. On the death of Edward in 1894, the completion of the museum is made by his wife. But on the death of the latter in 1912, the collections were given to the Institute of France. The furniture and ornaments of the museum were well preserved.

The opening of the museum was made December 8, 1913 by President Raymond Poincaré. The facade of the Jacquemart-André Museum, which opens on Boulevard Haussmann is composed of two houses, a central front rounded body shape. While the façade opens onto the courtyard consists of a front decorated by four Ionic columns shaped body. A staircase adorned with lions and huge pylons driven into the building. The front side is constituted by two levels and a rectangular inlet capped by a projection. A huge crowned by a triangular pediment window is located above the front body. The interior is characterized by majestic decorations. It features a winter garden, a staircase over which one can see the magnificent dome, large lounge equipped with a magnificent ceiling, but also the living paintings.

The Jacquemart-André Museum presents the Flemish and French Italian, Dutch paintings. It also has the furniture, art objects and sculptures. Among the works on permanent display in this magnificent museum include the Virgin and Child by Giovanni Bellini, the attributes of the art of Jean Baptiste Chadrin The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian Donatello, the portrait of Mathilde de Canisy by Jean Marc Nattier or portrait of Amalia van Solms by Rembrandt. Exhibitions have recently been made in the museum as the twilight of the Pharaohs in 2012, in the Caillebotte brothers in 2011, the Greek Dali in 2010 or early Italians in 2009. The museum is served by stations of Saint-Philippe du Roule metro and Miromesnil. It is also accessible via several bus lines as lines 22, 28, 43, 80 or 93. It is open every day of the week. It is strictly forbidden to photograph or film in the museum except in the reception rooms.

Transfer to the Jacquemart-André Museum in Paris
The Jacquemart-André Museum is located at a distance of 19.8 km from Orly Airport, 30.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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