History and visit the Gobelins in Paris


History and visit the Gobelins in Paris

The Manufacture des Gobelins is located on the hill of Chaillot in the French capital. It opens the avenue des Gobelins in the 13th arrondissement. Its official name is the National Gobelins. The creation of this building was made in 1601 under the orders of Henry IV. The establishment of this factory made under the initiative of Laffemas Bartholomew, the trade counselor of the king. Previously, it was called royal manufacture furniture crown. It is under the authority of the general administration of the national furniture and domestic manufactures carpets and tapestries since 1937. This institution consists including national workshops Puy lace and Alencon, the manufacture of Soaps, the Beauvais factory, the Gobelins tapestry factory.

The name Goblin is heard for the first time in August 1443 when a family originally from Reims: Goblin Jehan decided to set up a dyeing workshop. The workshop will be installed next to a mill on the banks of Goosander and took the name of the mill of the Gobelins. She thus became one of the most famous of his time dyers. Following the great success of the workshop, the river and the district took the name of Goblin. In 1601 the workshop set up by King Henry IV was born in a huge building. Upholsterers Marc de Comans and François de la Planche had worked together to turn the royal workshop. They were then replaced by their son Charles and Raphael Conans the board. The road on both tapestry parted when Raphael settled in the Faubourg Saint-Germain while Charles ran the Gobelins. Projects of Henry IV were continued by Louis XIV. Colbert importance in France of new dyeing techniques in Holland. It is with jeans Dutch Glucq he developed this technique called the Dutch. The latter is then installed in the old Goblin madness. The success of the products manufactured by the Goblin house led to the establishment of a much larger forum of workshops of the city of Paris. Hence the birth of the Royal Gobelins.

The hotel brings together master upholsterers, goldsmiths, the best painters, lapidary engravers, smelters and the best cabinetmakers. Their mission was to ensure the decorations homes and royal palaces. This factory is also known worldwide through diplomatic gifts that are made. Many benefits were given to the residents of this neighborhood as the denial of the right to bargain, the tax exemption. The organization of the dye is provided by Colbert in 1665. The dye used was of plant origin. Wooden tubs were replaced by stainless steel tanks.

Currently, the factory still works and works for the decoration of public buildings. It uses several artists such as Jean Arp, Jean Picart le Doux, Eduardo Arroyo, Aleshnisky Pierre, Jean Michel Othniel and Raymond Hains. It opens several styles and trends. Nowadays, the term affects all Gobelins tapestries tapestries whether low warp, high smooth, mechanical loom or needle points. It currently, has 30 weavers and 15 looms.

Transfer to the Gobelins in Paris
The Manufacture des Gobelins is located at a distance of 15.5 km from Orly Airport, 31.9 miles from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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