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History and visit the Place de la Victoire Paris

Located in the district of Les Halles, and Vivienne M, Place de la Victoire is circular, spreading over an area of ​​80m. It was created in 1685 and was also named the National Place. Its establishment was an idea of ​​Marshal de la Feuillade, but it was followed by a collaboration with the city of Paris during its implementation. Referring to history, this site also received once baptisms kings, making her more famous than ever.

March 26, 1686, it was officially inaugurated and declared as a place to commemorate the victories of Louis XIV. Later, the place has undergone some changes, it was decided that it should be a bit more modern of its kind, and it was not simply that it changed since the government ordered the neighbors to follow certain rules concerning architecture frames that surrounded the Place de la Victoire. But before inheriting the name of Place de la Victoire, she was also named Place national victories.

A portion of its surface, Place has several unique items of their kind, including the full-length statue of Louis XIV or the wooden pyramid recalling the French Revolution, there is also a large statue of General Desaix. After his inauguration, the lanterns were installed on the four corners of the Place de la Victoire. The achievement of each lantern was a work of great size, as each column was decorated in a way to make all majestic. However, in 1699, the lanterns have stopped shining and pretty soon they were removed one after the other. All completely disappeared twenty years later. All the decorations were still able to survive over time are now considered works of art in various museums in Paris.

The Victory Square was also a victim of the French Revolution, the protesters were immediately attacked the statue of Louis XIV in the basis in order to build the guns of war. Instead of the statue shot, wooden supports displaying the names of the dead victims August 10, 1792 were installed. Later, it was the turn of the statue of General Desaix, protesters had done the same way by attacking quickly with bronze statues.

Today, a statue of Louis XIV on a horse makes the Square more glorious than ever, she was placed at the center since its construction in 1828 until now Victory. The work was made with the best materials in order to prolong the statue as long as possible. The first restoration of the statue dates from 2005, the city of Paris had contracted the work to experienced painters like Alain Pless, so that the statue is currently considered a monument was restored with the greatest delicacies. Apart from the statue, the whole Victory Square was declared as a historic area since 1962, attracting, and millions of visitors and tourists from every corner of the globe.

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Place de la Victoire is 29 km from Orly Airport, 36 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and 103 km from Beauvais Airport.

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