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History and visit the Porte Saint-Denis in Paris

Nicknamed "Arc de Triomphe", the Porte de Saint-Denis is currently in the city of Paris, the 10th arrondissement. Its construction dates back to 1672 under the attentive supervision of the architect François Blondel. This door was made to remember the victory of the famous king of France, Louis XIV. Like any triumphal arch, it generally gives way to one or more outputs, one being a central aisle for horses and carriages, two side outlets for passersby. The door of Saint-Denis stands on pedestals composed of four stone columns, covered at the top by an entablature, cornice and attic. His form and his architecture are definitely works of art that have no equal. According to the history of France, five facilities were holders of the name "St. Denis."

The first gate of St. Denis date of the tenth century, if we look at its old location, it is now at the intersection of the street and the street Ironwork of Reynie. Then one discovers a second gate of St. Denis, she dated thirteenth, when the French population had experienced a great growth, this door should normally be in the north of the intersection of two streets Saint-Etienne-Denis Marcel. The third door, commonly known as "'Bastide Saint-Denis',' date of the fourteenth century, it was the closest to the current Porte Saint-Denis.

Previously, Paris had surrounded the famous "walled enclosures," but given the speed at which society progressed, the city could not afford to keep these speakers, especially as they become useless too. It was necessary to use something a little more modern thing, hence the establishment of triumphal arches. The fourth door was born in 1672, it was the work of the famous architect François Blondelet the famous sculptor Michel Anguier. These two characters had worked on at the request of Louis XIV, the king of France insisted that they remembered his glory when he won the wars in the Rhine and Franche-Comté.

La Porte Saint-Denis officially became a monument of France in 1862, and it was not until 1988 that the city had begun to repair and restore the famous door. If we study this door more carefully, we can see similarities to the Arch of Titus in Rome. She is very tall and top entirely of stone. The wall is very thick as it is about 5 meters. The drop and the height of the door are almost identical with surveying 25 meters each. Based on the obelisks is a very special statue reflecting the United Provinces. The bow had been specially decorated so that it clearly reflects the reason why it was built. The defeats of Holland and the Rhine have been shown with many metaphors, there is a female figure appearing sad and the main part of the decoration is the king of France, winner, Louis XIV. This historical legacy is one of the few arcs always triumph up to the present day, it is very popular and enjoys a worldwide protection insofar as it is a historical monument.

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The gate of St. Denis is located 28 km from Orly Airport, 30 miles from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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