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History and visit the Odeon Theatre in Paris
Theatre opened in 1782, can accommodate about 800 people, the Odeon Theatre is located in France, in Paris in the 6th arrondissement. For several years, the theater had many different names, and today it has become a national theater. It is now part of the historical monuments of France. According to its form, it can be inferred that it is neoclassical and the structure of it and Italian inspiration. In effect, the scene has taken the form of a cube, while the room is in the form of a semicircle. He became National Theatre in September 1971 when it was dedicated as a historic monument 30 years earlier, that is to say on 7 October 1947.

The idea of ​​building a French theater was developed by three architects, it was the Marquis de Mirigny, Marie-Joseph Peyre and Charles de Wailly. This request was laid in 1767, but she was granted three years later, namely 26 March 1770. The government took a decision of the Board authorizing the construction field the garden of the Hotel Prince de Conde. He had abandoned the field after he decided to come and live at the Palais Bourbon. At this time, the competition was tough, because everyone expected that the project is approved by the state. Indeed, it was not the only project waiting for approval, other architects such as Jean Claude Liégeons and Damun also had similar projects. These architects also had the support of French comedians at that time. With support from the CEO of Royal Buildings, it was Marie-Joseph Peyre and Charles de Wailly who carried the victory.

Apart from the support of the director of the royal buildings, the project also had the support of the king's brother. Furthermore, the shape of the theater changed according to this detail, in fact, the theater took somewhat the form of the Luxembourg Palace, residence of the king's brother. Given their defeat, the French Comedians began to protest. The only way that the state found to solve the problem was to blackmail against these actors. It was decided that if the actors do not change their mind, they would be replaced and all the privileges they enjoyed their would be removed.

The project was finally started 9 years later. The two architects were stains tiebreaker, Peyre would be responsible for decorating the outside while Wailly going to occupy the inner part. The choice of Peyre was quite surprising, because the external appearance of the building was rather dark. It was this Odeon theater became the first theater with an audience or orchestra. As for the interior, there was white benches where the public could sit during the shows. All these upgrades were not pleased everyone and critics accumulated more. February 16, 1782, the actors had returned to their new boxes. As for the inauguration, it was done April 9, 1782 under the patronage of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Following the fire of 1818, the theater was again rebuilt by architect Chalgrin. The Odeon Theatre is a quite exceptional monument of its kind.

Shared shuttle transfer to the Odeon Theatre in Paris
The Odeon Theatre is 16 km from Orly Airport, 34 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89 km from Beauvais Airport.

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