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History and visit the Square Montsouris Paris
The Square Montsouris is a side street in the 14th arrondissement of Paris , in the district of Parc de Montsouris . 200 m long , paved and steep , the Green Street is named after the nearby park. Built between 1920 and 1930 , private property, but the street is open to public traffic since 23 June 1959. Street Square Monsouris is lined with houses built to the most during the first half of the nineteenth century in an Art Deco style. On No. 2, the Gaut house was built in 1923 by the architects Perret brothers . One bearing the No. 51, on the corner of Avenue Reille , was built in 1922-1923 by Le Corbusier. The famous painter Roger Bissière has also built a house on this street. A house in which he lived until 1939. Every summer, he used to rent his house to his friend Nicolas Wacker, also a painter. The house No. 28 is known for its facade decorated with a painted sundial in 1900 .

Built in 1923 , the house bearing No. 40 is characterized by the sculpture of Claude Bouscau asked in the courtyard representing Leda and the Swan . Since its construction , the house has 40 been no changes except the installation of the ramp located between the ground floor and installation of wrought iron balcony in the replacement of wood. This house combines studs and contemporary styles. If the bottom is made of stone , the interior is usually made of wood . The stained glass window on the ground floor are real gems. Since its construction , the house saw three owners succeed know the architect Gilles Buisson itself Marceron Mrs. and Mrs. Bouscau .

The most famous house in the Square Monsouris is one that covers the last odd-numbered and forms the angle with the No. 51 of the avenue Reille . The last house was built by the architect Le Corbusier for his friend Ozenfant , painter and representative of Cubism 20s . This house has a very large internal surface has undergone since its construction, some modifications. In the immediate vicinity thereof , visitors will also notice the beautiful house Guggenduhl . Featuring a hanging garden and a terrace , this house was designed by architect Andre Lurcat .

A place of modest dwelling and inexpensive Square Montsouris lived , in its infancy, a population composed of all social strata , in large part modest . Twenty -eight of these houses are HBM -cost housing built for low-income people . They are all built in red brick or ocher. The other houses , as 40 were built under the initiative of individuals . Among the inhabitants are few artists attracted perhaps Montparnasse. For example , we can mention the painters Roger Bissière , John Chapin, Claude Hertenberger the Tsugouharu Fujita painter and sculptor Claude Bouscau . Some scholars have also lived part of their lives, just to name a specialist international law Sibert , the physiologist and cardiologist Alexandre Monnier Yves Bouvrain . The lack of friendly places such as restaurants , cinemas and cafes in the area explains why Square Montsouris is residential vocation. This street is one of the few in the capital where the collective habitat is very dominant .

Transfer by shared taxi  to Square Montsouris Paris
The Square Montsouris is located 13.1 kilometers from Orly Airport, 33.8 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 95.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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