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History and visit the vineyards of Montmartre in Paris
The Vineyard Clos Montmartre Montmartre is located at the corner of Willow Street and St. Vincent Street in Montmartre - La Chapelle in the 18th arrondissement of Paris . It is the oldest vineyard in the capital. This vine planting was established in 1933 to fight against the growth of real estate speculation. It belongs to the city of Paris and maintained daily by the staff who work in gardens, parks or other green spaces in the city. The operation of the vineyard is provided by the Festival Committee and Social Action and Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement . Stretching over an area of ​​1556 square meters, the vineyard has 1,762 vines , consisting of twenty different varieties including 20 % Pinot , 75% Gamay and a few feet of Sauvignon Blanc , Riesling , Sibel , Merlot, etc. . It produces more than a thousand bottles of wine each year . These are the subject of an auction . The resulting profits are subsequently attributed to social welfare of Montmartre . Visit the vineyard is possible, but only on request. This site is served by metro station Lamarck - Caulaincourt .

The people of Montmartre were mostly laborers and growers in the sixteenth century. The planting of vines stretched from the top of the Butte to the surrounding plains. Montmartre wine served only for local consumption. At the time, we laughed at the quality by a saying : "This is the wine of Montmartre. Who drinks piss fourth pint . " In the early seventeenth century , a country tavern called The Park Belle Gabrielle , was built on the site of the vineyard of Montmartre. By 1850 , the wines of Montmartre were challenged by the wines of Burgundy , Alsace and the Loire . In 1921, a project to build a residential complex was initiated by the city of Paris at the current location of Clos Montmartre. This project was challenged by residents. More than two thousand three hundred signatures were collected in the petition to the Prefect of the Seine , which marked the protest . The City Council did not finally adopted the draft .

This parcel of land later became a wasteland . He served at one point of refuge for the homeless . In 1929, there was a garden created by the designer Francisca Poulbot . Called Square of Liberty, it served as a playground for children of Montmartre. Four years later , the city of Paris decided to assign a place to plant vines in remembrance of old vineyards. It was composed at the time of nearly 2000 feet Pinot and Gamay .

In 1934 , the Mayor of the Free Commune , Peter decided Labric with members of the Municipal Council to organize the first Harvest Festival . The latter was honored by the President of the French Republic , Albert Lebrun, by the Minister of Agriculture, Queuille , the Chairman of Montmartre, Henri Avelot and mayors of the Free Commune and the 18th arrondissement . In 1995, the general secretary of the mayor and the direction of the gardens and parks decided to hire an oenologist to improve the quality of the wine from this vineyard. Currently , the Harvest Festival of Montmartre is celebrated every October.

Transfer by shared taxi to the Vineyard of Montmartre in Paris
The Vineyard of Montmartre is located 29.2 kilometers from Orly Airport , 27 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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