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History and visit the Asian Quarter in Paris
Among Asian neighborhoods were formed in Paris , the most famous and largest is the 13th arrondissement. This is a golden triangle between the avenues of Ivry, Choisy and boulevard Massena. It is a meeting place for all communities of Chinese and Indochinese culture of Ile-de- France . The area is mainly occupied by the Chinese, Cambodian , Vietnamese and Laotian . They are in a strong position in terms of business as well for grocery stores , shopping for trinkets and hair restoration . Two large supermarkets are installed Paristore and Tang Frères , belonging to a Chinese Lao .

In addition to the Golden Triangle, Paris has three other Asian areas including the Belleville home to an Asian population of Chinese origin from the former French Indochina. The 3rd arrondissement is home to people from China , mostly from the Wenzhou area . The latter is located at the intersection of rue Sainte- Anne and rue des Petit Champs, riding between the 1st and the 2nd district , an area inhabited by the Japanese and Koreans. During the Chinese New Year , which takes place in January or February according to the lunar calendar, the Asian neighborhoods are celebrating. The Golden Triangle, the windows are decorated with red paper lanterns . The streets are crossed by a large animated by a parade of floats , dancing lions and dragons parade .

In the 1900s , a Chinese family lived in the area of Arts and Crafts , located between the streets and Mayor Volta . After the First World War, the 3rd district welcomed the Chinese who fought on the Allied side , who wanted to stay in France . During the 1920s, the French section of the Chinese Communist Party was set up by a group of Chinese students , located in the 13th arrondissement . In the 70s , many Chinese immigrated and settled in Paris in the thirteenth arrondissement, where several homes were available. Arrived later refugees from Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos and Chinese who lived in these countries.

Together they formed a Chinatown in this area . The inhabitants of the latter were at first quite suspicious vis-à -vis the Asian immigration. This situation did not last long , because this immigration helped save a real estate transaction . The towers of Choisy- Ivry district were initially aimed at young Parisian executives. Not having succeeded in seducing them, this real estate transaction was almost doomed to failure . She was saved by the installation of these immigrants and refugees in buildings. Until the 90s , the Asian community devoted to the crafts and trades of leather . She launched later in the business .

The Asian quarter of the 13th arrondissement is distinguished from the other three in that it has two Buddhist temples. The first is on the slab of the Olympiads , near the mall Oslo . The friendly of Teochew in France under the stewardship of this temple. Dedicated to the deity Bodhisattva Guanyin , the second temple stands in the street Disc . It is supported by the Association of Residents in France Indo-Chinese . The area has also hosted the filming of some films. It appears in Anne Fontaine film called Augustin , King of Kung -fu or in Guardian Angels .

Transfer shuttle taxi to the Asian Quarter in Paris
The Asian District is located 12.8 kilometers from Orly Airport, 31.2 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 98.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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