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History and tour of the Montmartre area ( Dali Museum ) in Paris
The Montmartre area , known as the " Espace Dali " is located at 11 rue Poulbot , in the 18th arrondissement of Paris . It is just a minute walk from the Place du Tertre. It is a museum containing art contemporary style objects. He is known for his sculptures and prints reflecting the surreal and daring . Most of the works on display belong to the artist Salvador Dali. Within the walls of this gallery are a total of nearly 4000 unique and original works. The Montmartre area is not only a museum, it is also an art gallery , it also is there a bookstore and a shop where you can buy souvenirs. It is open every day of the week from 10 am until 18 pm at night. The museum is home pay . Three different Metro stations this site which Abbesses, Antwerp station Lamarck - Caulaincourt .

The Montmartre area was opened September 28, 1974 after taking the place of the former Figueres theater . The latter was destroyed by fire in 1939. The theater of Figueres went on fire left only a few almost intact parts of its structure. Only the old lodges, living room, hall and corridors could retain their original shapes. The choice of location was no accident . Salvador Dali wanted a place that had a relationship with his memories. Indeed , this theater was the first place where there exhibited his first works and this was also the building that stood in front of the church where he was baptized .

The construction of the Montmartre area was an idea of ​​Ramon Guardiola in 1961. Guardiola was at that time the mayor of the town of Figueres . Having seen the poor condition of the old theater , he advised Salvador Dali to rebuild the site and create a space where he could show his work . The artist accepted unconditionally, as he wanted to introduce to the public a whole new world through his creations , both incredible and different from what others had used to do and what was the used to seeing. Salvador Dali wanted to offer a new image of the art in its collections. Although it was originally painter , he also developed his talents as a sculptor later. Of all his works , it was the Dome was the most famous. It was designed by Salvador Dali , but it was the architect Emilio Perez Pinero who was the manufacturer.

In 1924 , when Salvador Dali was only 20 years old , he created his first sculpture he called " Port Alguer " then succeeded his creations year after year until 1988. His latest invention titled " Twilight ." Until his death in 1989 , Salvador Dali never stopped creating works completely out of the ordinary . After his death, the museum was taken over by one of his close colleagues Pitxot Antoni , who was also his longtime friend . The Montmartre area not only contains the works of Salvador Dali, there are also other signed works by other artists as Evarist Valles , Modest Urgell , Ernest Meissonier , etc. . Each year, the Montmartre area temporary exhibitions open to the public.

Transfer shuttle taxi to the Montmartre area ( Dali Museum ) in Paris
The Montmartre area is 29 km from Orly Airport , 25 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 82 km from Beauvais Airport .

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