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History and activities in Epinay-sur-Seine

The name of the town of Epinay-sur-Seine is of Latin origin under the term spinogelum. This name became spinolium which meant covered brush and thorns. Termination Seine comes from the Latin Sequana. In the town of Epinay-sur-Seine were discovered bronze swords and iron specifically in the bed of the Seine. Mark that recent human occupation in this city dates back to the Gallo-Roman period. The first mention of the name of this territory to the seventh century occur in the accounts of Fredegar columnist. Thus, the history of the city is displayed clearly to the twelfth century. Activities at that time were based on port activities on the Seine, vegetables and grain and wine production. Just after the Franco-Prussian War, the city became more industrialized and tends towards planning. The early twentieth century then announces favorable thanks to the appearance of movie studios and Lightning Glassware Schneider brothers.


Tourism and visits to Epinay-sur-Seine

Historical monuments of the city of Epinay-sur-Seine are multiple. Hence, tourists have the privilege of discovering the most remarkable sites of the city. The Notre-Dame-des-Missions is a building whose religion Catholic missions Pavilion was built between the years 1929 and 1931 for the Colonial Exhibition in Paris. The Church of Saint-Médard is also offers a guided tour through an appointment. Other sites not to be missed in Epinay-sur-Seine include: City Hall, City Hall hotel occupies the former lord of the fief of Ormesson, the Music Pavilion, the memorials and the Banks of the Seine

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Transfer from Epinay-sur-Seine to Paris airports

The town of Epinay-sur-Seine is located 4 km from Saint-Denis and 10 km from Paris. It is located 18.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 25.8 km from Orly airport.

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