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History and visit the Palais Royal in Paris
The Royal Palace is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris on the Place du Palais Royal. He stands on a plot of 405 m long and 123 meters wide. The royal palace is all palace itself, has a huge garden, galleries and a theater. It was built in 1628 under the orders of Richelieu.

The Royal Palace was initially a palace Cardinal. It was given to the king and became the residence of Louis XIV. In 1780, Philippe Egalite had changed the place into a place of entertainment. The architect who had implemented changes was Victor Louis. The palace served as coffee, gaming rooms, restaurant for half a century. Montansier theater was the place where was born the modern French comedy.

It is available from several organizations of the Republic since 1871. Currently it is the seat of the Constitutional Council, the Council of State and the Ministry of Culture.

The royal palace is characterized by its courtyard equipped with a beautiful garden shaped by a splendid greenery, statues and a gallery decorated with columns on each side. The gallery connects the two buildings.

The ground floor of the main building consists of Doric column and the first floor with Ionic columns. Arcades surmounted by sculptures on the sides.

The main entrance of the palace is composed of three portals decorated by eight Doric columns in pairs. It has three arches ending in an anteroom.
The interior of the palace is beautifully decorated by tapestries, paintings, and statues.

Shuttle Palais Royal in Paris
The Royal Palace is localized at 19.8 km from Orly airport, 27.6 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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