Shuttle transfer from Évry to Paris airport


History and activities in Evry

The name of the city comes from the toponym of Evry Aperacum Latin which means the field of Aper. Various names have been assigned to this region over the centuries including Avriacum, Aivriacul, Aisvry, Evry, Evry-sur-Seine, Petit-Bourg and Evry. The first name of the destination was mentioned for the first time to the year 998 when the Lord Ermenfred decides to donate his property to the abbey of Saint-Maur-des-Fosses. To the sixteenth century, the city was characterized by the location of country houses, castles and fortresses. To the nineteenth century, the railroad comes into play in the region. But during the Second World War, the destruction was enormous and this has led territories to develop new gradually.



Tourism and visits to Evry

The wealth of the city of Evry are not insignificant. However, if you arrive at the destination, you can explore and discover each remarkable site it has. Green spaces are the most interesting for walks and walks. Also, the transition to the Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul and the rectory is ideal for history buffs. Historical monuments of the city do not miss. Tourists will see the plaques, the hostel Sainte-Geneviève of the twentieth century and the Ecole Notre-Dame de Sion.

Visit the town of Evry is an option, but we consider small details that go with such transportation. We propose in this case to provide you with car collections in bookings to drive in the city as well as around Evry including Paris airports. Our cars include: VIP luxury vehicle, private car and shuttle collective. They are very comfortable and well equipped. A very competent driver will travel.



Transfer from the Paris airports to Evry

Evry city is 17km Antony and 27km from Paris. This destination is located 11.9 km from Orly airport.

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