Transfer by Shuttle from Fresnes to Charles de Gaulle and Orly


History and activities Fresnes

The city of Fresno is named fraxinum. This implies the former presence of ash in this region. The history of the city dates back to the eighth century. A Merovingian attested human presence in Fresnes. However, the name of the city appears in the writings to the twelfth century in the cartulary of the Abbey Longpont. In the thirteenth century, the city was connected to the Linas doyenneté. At the time of the manor, the city had a family liaison Brulard. Before the revolution, the people of the city forged on the activities of farm land, forests, vineyards and meadows. Around the year 1950, the city tends to urbanization and in 1970, the city was characterized by open spaces and the creation of the BIA Cerisaie.



Tourism and visits to Fresnes

The sights of the city are very diverse. A religious monument overlooks the city. The Church Saint-Eloi is a building dating from the twelfth century. This church has undergone revisions to 1953. She has a wonderful stone statue of the Virgin and Child. Its bell tower is composed of a bell whose sponsor is the Mr. Comte de Clermont and godmother Miss Leduc. Apart from visiting the church, a passage Pavillon du Chateau de Berny is also interesting. It is the same for the walk to the discovery of Cottinville Farm and House of the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul. The Aqueduct Water Rungis is a historical monument built in the seventeenth century and filed February 10, 1988.

Three types of car can ensure your sightseeing trip in the city of Fresno. Indeed, you have the choice between collective shuttle, luxury car VIP and private vehicle. A prior reservation is necessary to ensure a successful program in the city. A competent and friendly driver will be at your disposal throughout your visit.



Transfer from Fresno to Paris airports

The city of Fresno is located 2 km from Antony and 12 km from Paris. This destination is only 4.6 km from Orly airport.

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