Touristic shuttle transfer in Kremlin-Bicêtre


History and activities Kremlin Bicetre

The name of the city of Kremlin-Bicêtre surely comes the name of the Bishop of Winchester. Formerly, the city depended on the lordship of Gentilly. In 878, the town of Kremlin-Bicêtre was later sold to the bishop of Paris. During the First World War, the city was affected, but the consequences were not too apparent. The development of the city was characterized by the presence of a subway station. Many monuments appear as a witness in the history of the city.



Tourism and visits to Kremlin Bicetre

To discover the city of Kremlin-Bicêtre, tourists are invited to the various scenic spots. The city is at the same time tourist sites and historical monuments. Green spaces are also seen in Kremlin Bicetre. The Town Hall is a civic building built by Mr. Rebersat to the year 1904. This monument is characterized by a facade topped by a campanile zinc and lead adorned with a clock. The Castle is also an existing monument in the city. This building has a simple barn crops at the foot of the hill. The interior of the castle was carried out by Paul Limburg. Other attractive sites of the city concerning the great buildings of the hospital, the Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the chapel.

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Transfer from Kremlin Bicetre to Paris airports

The city of Kremlin-Bicêtre is only 2 km from Villejuif and 7 km from Paris. This destination is located 9.4 km from Orly airport.

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