Visiting by shuttle Le Mée-sur-Seine


History and activities Mee-sur-Seine

The name of the city comes mainly from Latin mansio which means house or small farm. The history of this destination dates back to the Neolithic. Archeology excavations have shown that there are traces of human occupation in the region. In 1085, the city was first mentioned. The era also marked the lordship of the city Mee-sur-Seine. Indeed, the last lord of the region was Pierre Nicolas Florimont Fraguier. The core activities of the inhabitants of the Mee-sur-Seine was the cultivation of fruit trees and vines, not to mention the manufacture of tiles and the operation of lime kilns. But the nineteenth century, its activities are set aside and the development of industrialization takes place.



Tourism and visits to Mee-sur-Seine

City Mee-sur-Seine is decorated with historical and tourist sites. The course will be very long for adventurers. These can in this case visit the Quai stoves and a nice walk. Stoves have been entered in the title of historical monuments in 1933. Monument to Michel-Henri Chapu is also an important building in the city. It is a work which opened in 1894. Visitors will also have the opportunity to discover Thought, a monument built by the sculptor Henri Chapu. This is an original plaster made for the tomb of the Countess d'Agoult. Museum Chapu is also seen in the region. It is a municipal museum providing a permanent exhibition of sculptures and exhibitions.

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Transfer from Mee-sur-Seine to Paris airports

City Mee-sur-Seine is located 2 km from Melun, 43 km from Paris. The destination is 29 miles from Orly Airport.

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