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History and activities in Plessis-Robinson

The name of the town of Le Plessis-Robinson comes from the Latin word which means Plessiacus ground and fortified enclosure. Robinson involves district taverns. The origin of the city dates back to the era of prehistory. According to the excavations made by Claude Seignolle, traces of a fortified substructure attest to the human presence in this city to the Paleolithic and the Neolithic. The first written reference the name of the city back to the year 1112 in a charter in Latin. At that time, the region was still dependent parish Châtenay. The twelfth century also marks the period of the manor in the city. The name of the city has undergone major changes when the lords ruled the land, including Le Plessis-Raoul, Le Plessis-Piquet and Le Plessis-Liberté.



Tourism and visits to Le Plessis-Robinson

Tourists of the city used to do around the area to see the most remarkable sites it has. The Town Hall is part of the civil heritage of the fifteenth century. In the seventeenth century, this marvel had some modifications. This building consists of a magnificent staircase rises to a beautifully proportioned building with clean lines whose windows are of unequal heights. La Chapelle Saint-Jean-Baptiste is also a site to visit. It is a building dating back to the thirteenth century. The chapel was restored and consecrated in 1950. Do not forget to enjoy the beauty of the chapel bell. This is the oldest part of the building. Its spire is based on old crows. Other places to explore castle ruins concern of loneliness, Petit Château du Plessis, the War Memorial and Chateau Hachette.

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Transfer from Le Plessis-Robinson to Paris airports

City of Plessis-Robinson is located 2 km from the city of Clamart and 11 km from the city of Paris. This destination is 9.5 km from Orly airport.

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