Shared shuttle transfer to the city of Livry-Gargan


History and activities Livry-Gargan

The name of the city comes from Livriacum is a Gallo-Roman villa of some Liberius. The history of the city dates back to the Gallo-Roman period. In the fifth century, the city was destroyed by the barbarian invasions. It was not until the eleventh century the city regained its normal state. The era of the city marked lordship in the twelfth century, and William was the master of Garland. The Lordship of Livry after the hands of the family passes Garlande family Chambly. During the Revolution, the city was made an abbey, a manor, the Ecu de France and Grand Cradle. Activities of the inhabitants were centered on agriculture, viticulture and wine production a little sour. After the last invasion of the Prussian troops, the city tends to develop.


Tourism and visits to Livry-Gargan

City Livry-Gargan has various historic monuments. Also, tourist places and green spaces are available in this area. The Notre-Dame is a religious building overlooking the city. It was founded in the nineteenth century. A new tower was founded around the year 1874, as the former was shot in 1868. The tomb of Admiral Jacob is also a place to visit. This tomb is a work of Alfred Lefeuve. Besides the falls, the Château de la Forêt is a remarkable place. It is located at the origin in a park of 20ha. Rearrangements have been made in this castle. Today, it houses the local history museum dedicated to the Marquise de Sevigne. A passage to the Town Hall and you will also notice the beautiful architecture of these buildings.

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Transfer from Livry-Gargan to Paris airports

City Livry-Gargan is 3 km from Sevran and 16 km from Paris. This destination is 10.6 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 25.1 km from Orly airport.

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