Transfer by shuttle to the city of Maisons-Alfort


History and activities in Maisons-Alfort

The name of the city comes from Mansionibus which means House and Hereford Alfort just a stone castle Aigueblanche the twelfth century. The city took the name of Maisons-Alfort at the meeting of the Estates General at Versailles in the list of grievances. The opening of the city to the establishment of the railway back to the year 1849. Urbanization as early as the year 1897. Despite natural disasters such as floods, the city has managed to grow from the beginning of the twentieth century. The population growth was the result of the location of the train line PLM. The food industry also fell into the economic life of the region.



Tourism and sightseeing in Maisons-Alfort

Historical monuments cover the town of Maisons-Alfort. This destination is home to the Church of Saint-Rémi. It is a religious monument dating from the twelfth century. This fortress was rebuilt in the fourteenth century. Its bell tower is surmounted by a stone spire octagonal flanked by four pyramidions. The Porch of the church was founded in the nineteenth century. The orangery of the city is a monument which was also recorded in 1929. Other sites are also very important in the city as Reghat Castle, Fort Charenton, Fragonard museum and the mill burned.

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Transfer from Maisons-Alfort to Paris airports

The town of Maisons-Alfort is located 2 km from Créteil and 10 km from the city of Paris. This destination is located 10.6 km from Orly Airport and 24.7 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle.

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