Transfer & visit the city of Meaux


History and activities in Meaux

The city name comes from the name of Meldi. These form a Gallic tribe who settled in the region. Therefore, the history of the city dates back to the Gauls. The Gallo-Roman era also marks the city since the Roman conquest gave a new impetus to this destination. Many buildings were established. A castle to protect the inhabitants was also set up in the third century. In the fourth century, the city has experienced evangelism. It was at that time the seat of a bishopric. In the ninth century, the city was destroyed fault Norman invasions of the year 862 and the year 888. In addition to these invasions, the city was also affected by the various wars as the Hundred Years War and the wars of religion. The city developed in the nineteenth century. Railways settle and gas lighting appears.



Tourism and visits to Meaux

The town of Meaux is adorned various historical monuments and tourist attractions. You have the privilege to explore this destination and admire the wealth it has. The St. Stephen's Cathedral is a building built in 1170. It was rebuilt in 150. Different phases define this Gothic marvel. The Bossuet is also a privileged place in the region. It is a memorial to Bossuet. The statue was unveiled in 1822, and placed in the chapel of the Sacred Heart. The Gallo-Roman ramparts are visiting during a walk. It is the same for Frot Castle is now a music conservatory.

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Transfer from Meaux to Paris airports

The town of Meaux is located 24 km from Chelles and 42 km from Paris. This destination is 25.4 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 46.7 km from Orly airport.

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