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History and visit the statues of Paris
Each district of the city of Paris has monumental statues. The entire city is an art gallery open with no less than 1000 statues. Statues adorn the city whether in streets, public gardens, past monuments and public buildings.

The statues depict famous people and also celebrations in the street. It provides constant exposure to the work of art lovers and tourists who visit.
Several sculptors contributed to the achievement of these masterpieces especially sculptors of the last three centuries. Can be cited: Agam, Miller, David d'Angers, Augustin Dumont, Ernst, Stephen Martin Etex, Cardot, Rodin, and even hundreds of others.

Some of these majestic sculptures that adorn the city of Paris:
The Polyphemus surprising Galatea in the arms of the shepherd Acis is the work of Auguste Ottin in 1866. It is located in the garden of Luxembourg in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Nymphs of the Neva with the arms of Russia conducted by Georges Récipon in 1900. The famous Fame in combat is the work of Pierre Granet made ​​in 1900. Both statues are on the Pont Alexandre III in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

The Jardin des Tuileries in Paris 1st arrondissement contains several statues. Include "the Centaur Nessus removing Deianira" work of Laurent Honoré in 1892 and the Minotaur Tjésée work of Etienne Jules Ramey in 1826, The Good Samaritan by François Sicard in 1896.

Transfer to the statues in Paris
The statues are everywhere in the city of Paris. The center of Paris is located at a distance of 88.2 km from Beauvais Airport

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