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History and activities Montgeron

The city name comes from the Latin mons meaning and Gison Mont. This destination has been occupied since prehistoric times, specifically between 200 000 and 100 000 years before our era. Archaeological excavations have revealed the presence of a polyhedron flint. The history of the city continues by installing the Gauls in the region, to the place called The Nouzet. The Gallo-Roman period is characterized by a habitat near the ru of Oly. The first mention of the name of the city back to the year 1147. The name was known as "apud montem gisonis in parochio Vignoli." The city then passed into the hands of different families over the centuries. The city tends to planning through to commercial establishments many restorations services and drinking places.


Tourism and visits Montgeron

The city is rich in Montgeron historical heritage. It is for this reason that tourists love to spend stays discovery in this destination. The property is an attractive place Moustier. This is a house built in the second quarter of the seventeenth century and the first half of the eighteenth century. The Monument of the Princess of Beauvau is also worth visiting. The interior of this building is exceptional. During a walk, visitors can also go to the Moulin de Senlis. It is a mill dating from the fifteenth century. He became a pleasant residence in the country after major restorations. If you want to know the religious life of the people, take the time to visit the Russian Orthodox Church. The latter contains many interesting artifacts.

This great city worth visiting. However, to ensure a perfect adventure, it is necessary to have a way to transfer allowing you to travel around the city and stop at each wonder to discover. To give you complete satisfaction, three vehicle types are available, including: collective car, luxury car and VIP private car. These offers are very comfortable and equipped with modern facilities. Trustworthy driver takes you throughout your adventure.


Transfer from Montgeron to Paris airports

Montgeron City is 3 km from Yerres and 20 km from the city of Paris. This destination is located 7.3 km from Orly airport.


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