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History and activities in Montrouge

The city name comes from a Latin word rubens distortion which means uneducated. The name of the city was mentioned for the first time in the writings around the year 1194. At this time, the destination was in the possession of the abbey of Saint-Lazare. The city of Montrouge is characterized by two distinct hamlets. Petit-Montrouge is located near the city of Paris and the Grand Monrouge is a boundary of the city. The city has experienced negative consequences after the struggles between Armagnacs and Burgundians. From the seventeenth century, the city was developing, and until today.


Tourism and visits to Montrouge

The city of Montrouge is characterized by various historical and tourist sites. You have the chance to visit many wonders. The Town Hall is an important building in the region. It was built under the direction of architect and Lequeux Baboin. This fortress dates from 1880 to 1903. The Town consists of a central body and then later added the two wings. The Castle of the Duke de la Valliere is also a significant monument of the city of Montrouge. It was made by the painter Gaston Bocquet. In 1815 this building was destroyed and only two houses remain there. Visitors can also see the House of Théophile Gautier. The latter away from the bustle of Paris to stay at Montrouge. Many other monuments to discover the city including the Grand Carillon, The Church of St. Jacques the Major Montrouge and canopy.

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Transfer from Montrouge to the Paris airports

The city of Montrouge is located 4 km from Villejuif and 6 km from Paris. This destination is 10.5 km from Orly airport.


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