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History and visit the Quinze-Vingts Hospital   in Paris

The National Hospital of Ophthalmology, the Quinze-Vingts Hospital  has given its name to the forty-eighth district of Paris, or more precisely one of the four quarters of the district.
Three Hundred mean twenty fifteen times what equals three cents.C is St. Louis more commonly known as Louis IX of the France.qui founded in the vicinity of 1260.

The hospital consisted of three hundred beds and despite the recommendations of Pope Clement IV, the management of this institution did not seem so famous that ca. In 1779, during the reign of Louis XI, there was a gas recruitment the number of blind people in the former barracks of the Musketeers black rose to eight cent.ils were all placed in the old barracks Black Musketeers.

In 1801, became the National Institute for the Young Blind, then moved to Saint-Victor, then at 56 boulevard des Invalides in 1843. The hospital of the Quinze-Vingt was and still is a center specializing in eye diseases. This does not preclude that it is not part of the Public Assistance - Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP).

It is a harbinger ophthalmology hospital thanks to the invention of the Vision Institute, in 2002, the head of department at CHNO des Quinze-Vingt and director of the Institute helped his team have gone about alongside three institutions to sprout a research on eye diseases.

The institute will host teams of experts in ophthalmology and some companies will aim to discover and test new treatments against eye diseases. The hospital fifteen twenty sucked several writers of the period, among others Voltaire, judges in the blind colors in 1766. Cannery Nicolas Appert was installed in the premises of the hospital from 1817 until 1827.

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Quinze-Vingts Hospital   is located 22 km from Orly airport, 28 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 94 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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