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History and visit the Saint-Bernard in Paris

The Saint-Bernard, there is today, but gave way to the restaurant silver tower. It was one of the gates of the wall of Philippe Auguste. Along the left bank of the Seine, in the Saint-Victor's 5th district. It was so named because of its proximity to the school Bernardine.

The wall had been opened in the fifteenth century a door baptized in memory of Bernard of Clairvaux. She passed on an old road which had become a place of leisure or the monarch walking her son. Henri IV decided in 1606 to rebuild and to transform it into a sort of house block. In 1674, Louis XIV to thank for having removed the taxes, a triumphal arch was erected in his honor.

The fortifications were demolished and the architect Blondel to beat a new door was the twin of those of Saint-Denis and Saint-Martin. Seeing that the upper part of the building was inhabited, the architect inserted two low arches and twin incrustât the foundations of the arch bas-reliefs representing the Sun King abundance covering the city of Paris. On the other side, dressed like the Greek gods of antiquity, he led the nacelle Paris flanked by nymphs and tritons.

It was during the reign of Charles VII the north side of the tower of St. Bernard was drilled to install a fortified gate door named Bernard. The monument remains until dates in 1787 when it was destroyed again.


Transfer of the Saint-Bernard in Paris
The Saint-Bernard is located 18 km from Orly airport, 36 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 100 km from Beauvais Airport.

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