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History and visit the cemetery of Montmartre in Paris

The Montmartre cemetery known cemetery is located in the northern 18th arrondissement of Paris on Avenue Rachel. There since 1860. Rearrangements have been made by the town of Montmartre between 1818 and 1825. The cemetery was put into operation on 1 January 1825.

The cemetery of Montmartre cemetery is the third city of Paris with an area of ​​11 hectares. It is preceded by the cemetery of Père-Lachaise and Montparnasse Cemetery. It has no less than 20 000 licenses and about 500 people are buried every year.

The cemetery is located the place where the old quarry of Montmartre. Quarries are abandoned during the revolution. The place served as a mass grave for many victims of riots. Later, he allowed people who could not be buried in the cemeteries of Paris.

The city of Paris became the property of a part of the cemetery of Montmartre from 1798. Enlargements were made with the redevelopment of the neighborhood. It was two times larger than its current size, but the creation of the hospital and Bretonneau Square Carpeaux diminished space. The cemetery is crossed by a steel bridge made in 1888.

Famous people are buried in this cemetery. Some graves are true works of art by various sculptures that adorn the tomb as Jacques Offenbach, Vaslav Nijinsky's tomb, the tomb of Stendhal, Zola's tomb and the tomb of Daniel Iffla. Dalida's tomb identifies the largest number of visitors to the cemetery.

Transfer to the Montmartre cemetery in Paris
The Montmartre Cemetery is located 21.9 km from Orly Airport to 26.5 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84.4 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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