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History and visit rue des moulins in Paris

The rue des moulins  located in the first district of the city of Paris. It is located in the neighborhood of the royal palace. It was founded before 1624. It measures 76 meters in length to 9.74 meters wide. It begins at 18 rue Thérèse and ends at 49 rue des Petits Champs. The name of this street is explained by the presence of the mills until the 17th century.

The rue des moulins  was formed by the intersection of the streets sparrows, nettles, Saint Honoré, and the Bishop. She made new street called rue de Richelieu and Saint-Roch Royal. It stands on the mound mills and was opened in 1624. Many famous people lived there. Jeanna d'Arc lived on the street in 1429, Piron in 1764, Bonaparte was staying in the hotel Patriots Dutch in 1774. Street mills had seen the birth of some characters whose Louvet and MJ Chérnier.

The rue des moulins  has already been modified with extensions in 1667 and decreases in 1878. A Michel Villedo bought land in the first district of Paris between 1639 and 1641. IT has made changes by removing the hills mills. He built a new street bearing his name "Villedo Street" in 1655.

The rue des moulins  has stunning buildings. It is the oldest hotel in the Bazilière, the former Hotel Guy d'Arcy, former president of the Hotel De Bussy 18th century, the former residence of Baron d'Holbach became a hotel and the house that belonged to Lulli.

Transfer to the rue des moulins in Paris 

The rue des moulins  is 19.4 km from Orly airport, 27.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.8 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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