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History and visit the Quai de la Méssagérie in Paris
Quai de la Méssagérie  is in Paris  4th arrondissement is on the right bank of the Seine. It starts at the Place du Chatelet and the Pont-au-Change, to finish at Pont-Neuf. Its length is 338 and was built in 1369 under Charles V. It bore the name of Saunerie because it was close to the salt cellar. It was rebuilt in 1529. Major renovations were carried out on the docks. Registration Sauval is apparent.
The eastern part of the dock was called the Valley of Misery or Poulaillerie. The western part was called the Mégisserie because tanners settled there until 1673, a period when one succeeds in the connected the Faubourg Saint-Marceau. It was extended in April 1769. Later it was renamed because the Scrap scrap vendors along the parapet. From 1833 to 1835, it has raised a new wall baluster giving this aisle width significantly.
Under the reign of the Duke of Orleans and Louis XV, he had a very singular appearance. Shipping Masters were the traffic of people. This despicable trade was supported by law. Hailing high way young people used a circulating melodious way to charm people. Shipping Masters had some counters canvas.
At every moment of the day, a crowd of inquisitive stood around shipping masters. They chatted perched on a barrel which usually bore this inscription: Arbois wine. The outdoor gathering was usually composed of juvenile interrogator and ignorant, and debauched student loafers, prostitutes paid for by recruiters.
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The Quai de la Mégisserie  is located 21 km from Orly airport, 35 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 90 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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