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History and visit the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris

Boulevard des Capucines in Paris delimits the second and the ninth arrondissement. Known as the boulevard of the Italians is part of the basis of the Chaussee d'Antin. Many people have lived in the Boulevard des Capucines. The actress Raucourt died there at No. 6 in 1815. The Advocate General in the Parliament of Paris, President of the Convention of 31 May remained at No. 40. He died on the scaffold Danton.

Manuel Godoy, Prince of Peace in 1841 housed Sandrié way he died in poverty. The Duthé who was the mistress of Account Artois was herself courted by the red heels and financial staying at No. 68. Its housing was destroyed in 1841. A house at the corner of rue Caumartin still bears the attributes of an opera. Dancer Guimard occupied the premises before moving into a hotel in the Floor d'Antin.

In the early nineteenth century the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was at the corner of the boulevard and the Rue des Capucines. The ministry held an old hotel called Hotel Bertin. It was embellished by General Reuilly and bore the name of the Colonade hotel.

Under the Empire Hotel was inhabited by Berthier and changed its name became known hotel Wagram. In 1816 the hotel became the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. February 23, 1848, in front of this hotel qu'éclatèrent movements that did drop the monarchy and brought France to the Republic. The hotel was demolished to give way to beautiful homes.

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Boulevard des Capucines is located 21 km from Orly airport, 28 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83 km from Beauvais Airport

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