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History and visit the rue Saint-Augustin in Paris

Rue Saint-Augustin in the eighth arrondissement of Paris called time rue Neuve-Saint Augustine. It is connected to the Avenue de l'Opera and Rue de Richelieu. Opened in 1650 it completed street Gaillon. Major hotels in the street were compounds that had large gardens an extension up to boulevard of the Italians.

For the opening of the street in 1726 it had destroyed several hotels, including the Hotel de Gramont, the hotel strikes which was inhabited by a family that gave Paris a vast majority of governors. It was also destroyed Desmarets hotel, and hotel Lorges which was built by General Fremont. This hotel was sold by the marshal Lorges to Princess de Conti, who was the daughter of La Valliere.

At the location of the hotel was opened Lorges the street from the Michodière. The Grand Hotel Richelieu or Dantin built in 1707 as did the costs. It was financed its construction by Lacour-Deschiens and purchased by the Duc d'Antin in 1713.

The Duc d'Antin was the son of Madame De Montespan. In 1737 the house became the property of Richelieu who was known for depraved beings, and its low complacency after Louis XV. Richelieu financed with the money he looted the embellishments of the hotel. He built a house which is still existing at the corner of the Rue Louis-le-Grand. Richelieu died at the age of 92 in 1788. The hotel Lorge became a place of public festivals and was sold by the Executive during the revolution. The gardens were the subject of the opening of the Hanover Street and Port Mahon. The house was destroyed in the nineteenth century to the extension of the rue d'Antin.

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Rue Saint-Augustinse located 24 km from Orly airport, 30 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 84 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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