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History and activities in Rambouillet

The name of the city comes from the Gallic RAMB meaning rabbit. The first written the name of the destination back to the year 768 in the document including the donation of the forest Yveline by Pepin at the Abbey of Saint-Denis. This area was hit hard by the Hundred Years War. Indeed, the castle has been the victim of a field of fire. It was therefore necessary to rebuilt the building before it passes through the hands of several families as family Angennes, Fleuriau Armenonville and the Count of Toulouse. Around the year 1783, the city was known as royal city. Renovations to the castle took place around the year 1804. Apart from the Hundred Years War, the Prussian invasion of 1815 also marked the region. It is the same for the War of 1870.



Tourism and visits to Rambouillet

There are many historical sights and adorning the town of Rambouillet. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the city while stopping at every interesting site. The King's Palace Rome is an impressive building. It dates from 1784 and was founded under the orders of Louis XVI to house the Earl of Angiviller. In 1812, this palace was remodeled by Napoleon. In 1989, this fortress is an exhibition. Gare de Rambouillet is also seen in this region. This reflects the first appearance of the railway in the city. Besides these adds the flag of Toulouse. This is a site built in 1731 by the Countess of Toulouse to establish the first hospice in the city. Still other sites are discovered, including the Girls' School, the war memorial, the Town Hall and the Church of Saint-Lubin and Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

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Transfer from Rambouillet to Paris airports

The town of Rambouillet is located 18 km and 44 km Elancourt Paris. It is located 40 km from Orly Airport to 77.4 km from Charles-de-Gaulle airport and 134 km from Paris Beauvais airport.

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