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Vivienne street located in the IIe arrondissement of Paris Boulevard Montmartre stretches from the Rue des Petits-Champs. Previously it was a Roman road leading to Saint-Denis. It was lined with debris from ancient tombs including female armor rather enigmatic. The most curious ancient urn is a square surrounded by a marble inscription simplissime ornamented with flowers and fruits.

Rue Vivienne was very long country road during the Middle Ages. It is the sixteenth century it took the family name was Vivien landowners. During the tenure of Cardinal Mazarin was built a palace containing rich Greco-Roman and a magnificent library.

The palace to the death of Mazarin was divided into two hotels still exist. The first bore the name of Mazarin's main entrance it was on the rue des Petits-Champs. Subsequently it was given to the Duke of Meilleraye who was married to the niece of Cardinal. In 1719 it took the name of the hotel Compagnie des Indes. Were later established in the building of institutions such as the Stock Exchange, the general control of finances and revolution offices of the Treasury. Today the building is part of the National Library.

The second hotel named Nevers was given to Marquis de Mancini to become under the Regency Bank Law. At that time the main entrance stood Rue Vivienne. Purchased in 1721 by the Regent became king's library. In front of the two buildings are the Hotel Colbert and two other hotels and Croissy Torcy

Empire during the rue Vivienne impinged two houses on the rue des Petits-Champs, which at that time was named Rue Neuve des Petits-Champs. This acquisition was made to free entry to the Royal Palace.

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