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History and visit the Rue Saint-Denis in Paris

The street of Saint-Denis located in the IIe arrondissement of Paris. This street originally called Catalocum took the name of Saint-Denis where the martyr of the same name was buried there. His tomb attracts a fair crowd of worshipers was created, the fair Landit. From 1134 it became a way of street side was lined with houses and buildings to meet the reign of Louis XIV its current size.

In the Middle Ages the rue Saint-Denis was the longest and richest city. She favors and honors of the feudal age. Kingship entered the Rue Saint-Denis followed his court through Paris to the cathedral.

This street has played an important political role for centuries thanks to the wealthy bourgeoisie that it was installed. This powerful bourgeoisie protecting its trade has always favored peace, defending the existing order and authority at each time. Turn Catholic royalist revolutionary in 1789. She lives by poorly against the arrival of the Republic and the Napoleonic wars that ruined their business.

Fortune returned to the rue Saint-Denis with the fall of Napoleon and the return of Louis XVIII with the Comte d'Artois. They were greeted with jubilation of their entry into Paris this street as their ancestors. Prosperity unequaled previously developed there, peace and the arrival of foreigners contributing greatly to this development. The economic power of the street and liberal thought settling there brought the street into disrepute the court. In 1830 it was the last bang of the Rue Saint-Denis was quickly suppressed by the shot column Duke of Ragusa.

The work of the city of Paris who transformed the city have lost the character of the street. Shopping remained still, she has lost her heart instead of Paris had given him for centuries. In the nineteenth century the construction of the central market and work Hausmann parted traders. The mid-twentieth century clothing stores coexist with the sex trade. This radically changed the nobility of the Rue Saint-Denis.

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Rue Saint-Denis is located 20 km from Orly airport, 28 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 80 km from the airport of Beauvais


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