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History and visit the St Mary Stuart in Paris

IIe arrondissement Paris: Rue Marie-Stuart.Elle Dussoubs joined the street to the Rue Montorgueil. Documents found in 1390 show us that this street was already completely built. Called Street Tire-V ... due to prostitutes who lived there. According to St. Mary Foix through the streets finding this indelicate name changed in the last syllable and gave him the name of the street Tireboudin until 1809.

Dissatisfied with the name of their street residents Tireboudin asked after two hundred and fifty years to change its name to the street of Grand Cerf, hotel name of a nearby street. Fouche in 1809 then Minister of the Interior did not decline their request, but given the history of this street, the Duke of Otranto delicate and lovers of good taste was offended and refused to give the name after him closer to a village inn than a hotel in the capital. Therefore they gave the name of Mary Stuart Street in memory of the beautiful princess who crossed Scotland.

Anecdote worthy tales created with a time of fun literary purism of the Empire. Yet the former Oratory Saint-Foix became Duke of imperial might check in the municipal archives and the census of the bishopric. Street Tireboudin there since 1419 or one hundred forty years before crossing the street by Mary Queen of Scots.

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Rue Marie Stuart is located 21 km from Orly airport, 35 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 83 km from Beauvais Airport


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