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History and visit the Rue des Haudriettes in Paris

This Paris street named after Étienne Haudry rich land owner who gave the 14th century its lands to a religious congregation. In gratitude, the sisters are named Haudriettes since 1881 and their house is called hospices Haudriettes.

This street has had several names throughout history. It was called the street Jehan Cruet 1290, rue de la Fontaine Newfoundland in 1636, Rue des Vieilles Haudriettes in 1650, and Rue de l'Echelle du Temple in the 13th century. The street bore the name of "Old Haudriettes." They are residents of a convent of nuns hospital founded in 1320 by Etienne Audry or Henrietta. The convent was used as a retirement home for old women.

Haudriettes the street was also named rue de l'Echelle du Temple. Indeed, the Grand Prior of the Temple to time had erected at the corner of the Rue du Temple, a sinister scale 50 feet high, for criminals within its jurisdiction. Currently, history buffs can admire even a large mural. Another beautiful painting, a style differ and a fountain decorated with a naiad are at the other end of the street. And the street Haudriettes she becomes a street popular with tourists.

Haudriettes the street is now a quiet street in the Marais, punctuated by a few bars. It has a length of 115 meters and a width of 12 meters. Located in the 3rd arrondissement, between the Rue du Temple and rue des Archives, the street is served by Rambuteau, Republic Town Hall and Arts and Crafts.

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Haudriettes  street is at 18.9 km from Orly Airport to 26.9 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 87.3 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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