Night transfer from Vigneux-sur-Seine to Charles de Gaulle airport


History and activities Vigneux-sur-Seine

The name of the town probably comes from the Latin vicus vignolium or novus. These means vine or town again. According to archaeological excavations in the city, the researchers were able to prove that human presence was detected in the Neolithic. The remnants of the megaliths as the Neolithic Age, axes, spears, arrows flint are witnesses of that era. To the sixth century, the city was under the authority of Notre-Dame de Paris, and then passed into the hands of the abbey of Saint-Victor to the twelfth century. The city was a victim of various wars, including the Norman invasions, the Hundred Years War and the wars of religion. Around the year 1870, the city of Vigneux-sur-Seine is marked by the opening of the railway station and the birth of the mining industry in the basement. In the nineteenth century, industrialization comes into play in the city.


Tourism and visits Vigneux-sur-Seine

City Vigneux-sur-Seine is characterized by an important historical monument. The Menhir said Peter Mousseaux The Menhir is a Neolithic. It has been classified as a historic monument in 1889. In addition to this historical monument, the city is also home to several large castles and whose architectures and sculptures are all striking. These castles are: Vigneux Castle, The Castle and the Port-Courcel Castle Rouvres. The Fontaine Saint-Pierre is also seen in this region. It is powered by a source close to Castle Vigneux. It is built with a stone trough and pump beam.

To see the city in peace, tourists can choose their means of transport to move from one site to another. Indeed, we propose three categories of cars comfortable and well equipped. These cars are the private vehicle, the vehicle and the luxury VIP shuttle collective. Tourist trips can be realized in the city and around the city. We will also take care transfers to the Paris airports.


Transfer from Vigneux-sur-Seine to Paris airports

City Vigneux-sur-Seine is located 2 km from Draveil and 20 km from Paris. This destination is 5.1 miles from the Orly airport, 43.2 km from the airport Charles de Gaulle Airport and 119 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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