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History and visit the street   Portefoin

Portefoin street is 142 meters long and has a width of 10 meters. Located in the Marais and belonging to the administrative district of the Enfants-Rouges third district, this Paris street begins at the rue des Archives No. 81 and ends at the rue du Temple No. 146. Metro Station Street Portefoin dessert.

Historically, in 1598 the street was originally named Portefoin rue des Richard Pulleys. It is only in the 14th century the street was known as Portefin. Richard and Jean Portefin were weavers who lived in this street. The street was also called the Rue des Bons-Enfants in the 16th century because it was surrounded at that time a hospital Enfants-Rouges.

The buildings were given to the Fathers of Christian Doctrine. They lived there until 1790. When they were sold in 1797, a street was built on its site. Great characters like Minister constituting Duport Machault and lived Rue des Enfants-Rouges, which is a part of the existing street between rue des Archives and rue Pastourelle Portefoin. Since the 17th century, the street was named today which is a deformation of the Portefin.

Tourists do not fail to admire some monuments that line the street Portefoin. At No. 6 is the 18th hotel that belonged to Leduc Villevaudé. The library of the city of Paris Marguerite Audoux which is open year since January 2008 No. 10. The local library is distinguished by its two thematic funds that focus on labor history and the history and Jewish culture. You can still find at No. 19 the former numbering of houses established by the Prefect Nicolas Frochot.

Transfer to the street   Portefoin
Portefoin Street is located 19.4 km from Orly Airport and 27.9 miles from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 87.5 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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