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History and visit the rue des Canettes in  Paris 

The rue des Canettes belongs to the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Located in the district of Odéon, she began at No. 27 rue du Four and ends at No. 6 Place Saint-Sulpice. Created in 1540, the highway has a length of 132 meters. Its current width of 12 meters has already been determined by a royal decree of 27 September 1838.

Historically,the rue des Canettes already in the 13th century under the name of Saint-Sulpice. It was later known as the Rue Neuve Saint-Sulpice before having enjoyed its current name in 1636 , the rue des Canettes. It could be called Viracoublé street and street Polypus hole according to documents. However, its current name comes from the teaching of Cannettes , a bas-relief that adorns the facade of No. 18 on the street.

This street is lined with houses that contain vestiges of history. In the left wing of the facades are still resist the ravages of time. The house of Jacques Caffiéri, sculptor of the king, and his son, Philippe and Jean-Jacques found there. Regnaud it Oficial, another embroiderer, had sold the year 1668 in the Grand Bureau of the Poor, the predecessor of the madhouse rue de la Chaise, the building 23.

the rue des Canettes is attached to the characters of literature. One can cite, for example, that the death of Marcel Proust, his devoted servant Celeste Albaret opened with her husband, the Hotel Alsace Lorraine, which was renamed La Perle cans in the street. We still remember that in 2008 a British spy known as Black Tom lived there at No. 16 according to the newspaper Liberation, but Black has denied the allegation strongly.

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The rue des Canettes is located 16.3 km from Orly airport, 34.3 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.7 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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