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History and visit the Rue des Rosiers in Paris
Rue de Rosiers in Paris in the fourth district. Street Rosiers was already built in 1230 in its entirety and it is in 1233 that named the rue des Rosiers. This street was square, she started to Temple Street to finish at the rue du Roi de Sicily. The rue du Roi-de-Sicily was the street name of the Jews and in 1900 was named rue Ferdinand Duval-.

The first part of this street bore several names, in 1400 the Lamprey Street, the street Coquerée then. At that time she joined the Street Culture-Sainte-Catherine. In 1510 it bore the name of the street in 1604 to become Coquerie deadlock Coquerelle.Redevenue a street in the late nineteenth it was then called La Rue des Rosiers.

The rue des Rosiers as people had a large Jewish population, and since the thirteenth. In the fifteenth century they were expelled and many times this street lived religious aggression. At the corner of des Rosiers and Ferdinand Duval, the statue of the Virgin Mary was desecrated in the year 1528, it was the trigger to attack the Protestants.

Under the reign of Francis I, the statue was replaced by a silver Virgin installed by the king in person. It was stolen from 1545 and the statue of the Virgin was given this time in stone. In 1789 it was still there. At the Revolution the rue des Rosiers and the area was again inhabited by Jews and the number grows XXth century because of leakage of persecuted Jews in Eastern Europe and that of the Second World War.

During the German occupation, the Vel d'Hiv roundup was persecuted especially new in this area of ​​Paris. The war in Algeria in the middle of the century also brought a new immigration of living in this street and its surroundings, France repatriated Jews of North Africa. The attack Rosiers Street in 1982 shows that this street still lives Semitic aggression.

Jewish traditions have permeated the street and the neighborhood. There are several shops and other kosher diet Jewish pastry is a delicious example. However, several textile shops gradually stifle the traditional Jewish quarter of Paris

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Rue des Rosiers is located 20.1 km from Orly Airport, 33 km from CDG airport, 88.4 km from the Beauvais Airport


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