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History and visit the Rue Saint-Antoine in Paris

Rue Saint-Antoine in Paris is in the Fourth District. As the Faubourg Saint-Antoine follows this street street-Fançois Miron street Rue Rivoli to the Place de la Bastille. It is part of the popular streets which abound in Paris and give all the cachet of a small village within the city.

Reach before the street name of the holder Baudet, because under Phillipe-Auguste door of the enclosure of the city was batie in place, then rue du Pont-Perrin of the construction of a wooden bridge. Rue Saint-Antoine received this name in 1198 to the construction of the Abbey of Saint Antoine des Champs. She was the junction of the Place de Greve to the hotel Saint-Paul, at the Palais des Tournelles and the Bastille. It has witnessed many historical fact of happy or unhappy.

This is the gate of St. Antoine, the Duc de Guise brought out the Swiss in 1588, Condé passed through this door to hide in Paris. Rue Saint-Antoine lives in history: Parisian invading Saint-Paul in the reign of Charles VI, the struggle between the Armagnacs and the Burgundians, the final battle of the English before being dismissed, the death of Henry II in a tournament before the palace Tournelles. In 1830 the people fought against the royal guard to reach the Hôtel-de-Ville,

This street lords in the seventeenth century had included privileged magnificent mansions. Some of the lords who had lived built stormy times of the Revolution. The first shot that brought down the great kingdoms of Europe came from the Porte Saint-Antoine in 1789. The great riot of 1832 began in the street, lived insurrection of 1848 the bloodiest moments in the street or the people held over three days at the Hotel de Ville and was dislodged's gun. To date, the buildings in this street sequelae of these bloody battles.

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Rue Saint-Antoine is located 19 km from Orly airport, 37 km from CDG Airport, 87 km from the airport of Beauvais


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