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History and visit the Rue Saint-Paul in Paris

Rue Saint-Paul in Paris in the Fourth District. Rue Saint-Paul joined the dock Célestins the rue Saint-Antoine. Its name comes from the church of Saint-Antoine built in this street. Formerly a chapel was built for the cemetery it became a parish in 1125. King Charles V rebuilt the church in architecture quite heavy. Beautiful stained glass, wall hangings and paintings adorned the place. It was the tomb of Jean Nicot who brought tobacco to Europe, the tomb of the sculptor Bihar.

Was set in the cemetery the graves of several people in history, and also artists like Rabelais, Countess Suze Nicole Gilles, François Mansard and Marshal Byron beheaded in the Bastille. The Iron Mask buried in 1703 under the name Marchiali. Three other mausoleums were erected by Henry III for his favorites and were destroyed in the revolution by the people. The church of Saint-Antoine was closed in 1790 and demolished in 1800.

The side of the dock Célestins Quai des Ormes was formerly a destroyed house in the middle of the nineteenth to the great works of the city of Paris. In this house lived there several celebrities, tutor to Louis XIII Yveteaux, lawyers Patru, then miss Sarrazinet Segrais of Scudery, Racan, Saint-Amand and Lancry painter Madame de Pompadour.

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Rue Saint-Paul is located 19 km from Orly airport, 38 km from CDG Airport, 99 km from the airport of Beauvais


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