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History and visit the Pont Notre-Dame in Paris

The bridge Notre Dame in Paris in the fourth district. This bridge connects the dock Guesvres on the right bank and the island of Corsica City to dock. Until 1313 it was a wooden bridge that connected the mills located on the Seine in the strike. Formerly known as Bridge-Plate Mibray due to street name that connected. Indeed flood of the Seine in the winter and flood recession made this street was muddy to the intersection of the cutlery and the Basketry. Bray meaning muddy pond explains the name given to this bridge.

Until 1413 when it was built this wooden bridge was filled boards that were removed at each attack to protect themselves especially during the civil wars. These removable boards or flooring went to the crossroads of Basketry to reach the entrance to the bridge. It was during his time on the floor in 1413 that the King of France Charles VI named the Pont Notre-Dame and the execution of works of a bridge was ordained in 1414, the end of the construction of this bridge saw day in 1421.

Notre Dame bridge was lined with about thirty houses on each side unfortunately the lack of maintenance of the city led to its collapse in 1499. Those responsible for maintenance of the bridge, aldermen, provost of the merchants were tried, and imprisoned there died.The rebuild  of  stone bridge that it was granted by the king and the bridge replaced a ferry throughout construction to connect the banks . It is in 1512 that was completed by the architect friar.

Several improvements and repairs took place on the bridge and its surroundings. To allow better circulation on the banks of the houses demolished ferret necks of the sixteenth century. In 1659 it underwent several repairs. In 1769 to create sidewalks and parapets letters patent were issued and it was not until 1786 that the work was carried out. The Notre-Dame Bridge is the oldest bridge in Paris.

Transfer to the Pont Notre-Dame in Paris
The Notre-Dame bridge is 20 km from Orly airport, 33 km from CDG Airport, 87 km from the airport of Beauvais


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