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History and visit the Boulevard du Palais in Paris

Boulevard du Palais in Paris in the fourth district. This defines the boulevard Island City I District. This is the main entrance to the Palais de Justice, which is located on the Boulevard du Palais. He was previously named the street due to Barillerie barrels which were made of the time when Paris had known vineyards in the surrounding area.

It is one of the oldest streets of the city streets with the grille and Market-Palu, Caesar and his legions have surely crossed. Until 1787 it was a dirty street, but very busy because the palace of justice there was domiciled. The major work in the late eighteenth century gave the street a space and regularity it deserved. A semicircular square before the palace was built to install the scaffold for exhibitions court.

Rue Saint-Barthélemy the same name as his church was the name that bore the section starting from the place at Pont-au-Change. This street has one of the oldest buildings in Paris dating from the fifth century, the Church of St. Bartholomew. This church was originally the palace chapel. Under the reign of Hugues Capet after expanding the king installed a Benedictine Abbey of the Order of Saint Benedict. In 1138 the abbey was turned into a royal Parish.

The fourteenth to the seventeenth church has been repeatedly repaired, embellished, adorned for fall permanently into ruins, reconstruction of the building was arrested by the revolution which put on sale. Rebuilt in keeping parts of the theater building in the city or varieties gave another function. Closed in 1807 it took the name of the show Evenings, you could find theater, dance, walk. Called to this day the ballroom of the Prado.

Transfer to the Boulevard du Palais in Paris
Boulevard du Palais is located 20 km from Orly airport, 33 km from CDG Airport, 87 km from the airport of Beauvais


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