Private van transportation between Charles de Gaulle airport and Bernay city


History of the city  of Bernay.

Bernay is a French city, it is located in the department of Eure and the Haute-Normandie region. The city was given as dowry by the Duke of Normandy Richard II to his wife Judith of Brittany. Several architectural gems still testify the splendor of this city in particular, the Notre-Dame. During the nineteenth century, major road improvements were made, this had the effect of modernizing the city.


Tourism and visit Bernay.

Bernay has several tourist attractions. Thus, tourists can explore several buildings and stories relating thereto, namely: the abbey church Notre-Dame de Bernay, churches Holy Cross and Our Lady of sewing became a basilica. Several constructions have yet to see, the Museum of the cart, the Hotel de la Gabelle and the Museum of Fine Arts. The latter was created in 1868.

Today Bernay has a railway station located on the railway line. You will also discover a transit system called "Bernay-bus" that runs through the city loop. The network is divided into two with the red bow and blue loop. These loops have two stops network allowing for easy movement.

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Transfer from the town of Bernay to Paris airports.

The town of Bernay is 130 km from Paris. This town is 161km from Paris Beauvais Tille airport, 200km from the airport Paris Charles-de-Gaulle and 195km from Paris-Orly airport.

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